Monday, August 07, 2006


What is the world coming to? More accurately, what have some residents of the US come to? My attention was called to a recent news report about public outrage over showing breastfeeding on the cover of a parenting magazine. Readers wrote to say they were "embarrassed" and "offended" by the magazine. It's amazing how society can shape how one thinks, isn't it? One reader, a mother of a four-month old baby, said, "gross, I'm sick of seeing a baby attached to a boob." I suppose she thinks her boob is just for sex. Strange how some people think.


Blogger Mamma said...

hi, looks like we have a lot in common! I totally agree about the breastfeeding thng, and superman is my favorite hero! check out my mamma comic blog for drawings I did on this topic. mammacomic

8:56 AM  
Anonymous Pika said...

KAlokohan. Mga baliw mga iyon. Sana baliw kesa sabihin ko super tanga lang tal;aga sila db? Hahahahaha!!!! ;-P

yup, the world is CRAZY.

1:41 AM  
Blogger niisha said...

i bet those same whackos would be scandalized by the Philippine's attempt to beat the world record for number of breastfeeding moms in a room. hehe

and yes, it's so sad that they see breastfeeding as such a malicious act.

11:29 AM  

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